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Dental Clinic Marbella

This is the best moment to improve your oral health in our Dental Clinic Marbella. Mouth hygiene and care are very unknown for most of society, but people do not know that oral generated illnesses may affect other parts and organs of your body, just as your immune system.

If you want to take the first step and take care of yourself, Dr Claudia Vargas provides you over 25 years of experience. Over two decades with hundreds of satisfied patients, receiving high quality treatments and excellent personalised attention.


Dental Clinic Marbella

We help you to prevent cavities before they happen and, if they are already there, we treat them efficiently to heal and restore the tooth.


Dental Clinic Marbella

We offer different surgical operation services, as for aesthetic improvements as for treating illnesses, pains and injuries.


Dental Clinic Marbella

We identify and provide effective solutions to periodontal illnesses, as they are the first cause to lose your teeth as an adult.


Dental Clinic Marbella

We do endodoncies when cavities attack the root of your teeth before it is too damaged in order to save it.

Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Clinic Marbella

Children and teenager’s dental health and hygiene is absolutely essential to detect, correct and prevent future illnesses.


Dental Clinic Marbella

Correcting the teeth position, apart from an aesthetic option, might be a necessity for better chewing and feeding.

Dental Clinic Marbella

Pricing Plans

From the Dr. Claudia Varga’s Dental Clinic we provide you the best treatments for your oral health, offering competitive pricing so everyone can afford and access to high quality dental services. Check our pricing list here:

Dental Clinic Marbella
Teeth whitening

from 95€

Show off a pure white colour in your teeth to make them look like new with our teeth whitening techniques. It is a quick and popular treatment that gives you whiter colour to your teeth, that you can keep with recordatory sessions once a year.

Dental Clinic Marbella

from 300€

Protect your teeth and turn into a more beautiful, uniform look with the use of veneers. Veneers are an ultra thin coating, made of porcelain or plastic, used as a surface layer on frontal teeth. They last up to 10 years and it only takes 2 sessions.

Dental Clinic Marbella

from 120€

Recover your teeth, your smile and your strength to chew with a full or partial dental prosthesis. There are a big range of treatments to get you the best option for your mouth: fixed, dentures or implants.

Dental Clinic Marbella


Aesthetics has become an essential factor for daily life, our smile is our first statement.

Teeth whitening is the most popular treatment thanks to its simplicity and immediate impact. It is the perfect solution if you want to recover the brightness in your smile quickly and to get confident.

Veneers are the ideal treatment for those who have very sensitive teeth for a whitening. This thin shell is added to the tooth to hide imperfections, give uniformity and to protect it.

Fixed prosthodontics are those artificial teeth that are fixed to your own teeth. For this reason, they are used to substitute one or various pieces, localised in the same area.

The popular dentures are, generally, pieces with all teeth and they are used for people who have lost them all. However, there are also partial dentures.

Implanted prosthodontics are those which are held to the jaw through dental implants. Screws are frequently used to ensure a better attachment and comfort.

Dental Clinic Marbella

Dental Clinic Marbella


Get in touch with our dental clinic in full trust to repair and improve your dental and oral health. Book your appointment at any time through the following form or call us during our consultancy opening times to start your treatment and smile again.

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Dental Clinic Marbella

Dental Clinic Marbella